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The perfect submission for Valentine's Day. I could not have done it any better. The animation was great, very well made and it kind of gives you the oppurtunity to feel how the princess feels, since when she is sad the animation is nearly colourless and grey, and when she is happy it is full of colours.
Good choice with the music too. The voice acting is not bad at all, but you could get a better microphone and you talk a bit soft, don't be afraid to get louder with your voice when you are supposed to narate something! :-) Good job!

exninja123 responds:

thank you for the comment and for the tip! :D

A Really Good Pokemon Movie Probably The Best

This is a very well done animation, good fluid and it has quality. The voice acting is great the voice actors really make you feel like they are actually experiencing the situation you are currently watching visually. I also agree with EnergyEmerald combining 2D & 3D is REAL AWSOME. And the interactive battle system is also pretty new to me. It's like a flash game in a movie, cool idea.
And also It's nice that you put in a bit of humor here and there to keep the audience entertained. And since I love Pokemon I really enjoyed this movie and the battle sequences.

My Conclusion Is: This Is Really Stepping Up To A New Definition Of Movies On Newgrounds.

Great Stuff, Keep It Up.


Geuss What He Would Say....

I Like Trains!!!!!. Okay, on to the review:

Very neat idea to make an official song to a asdf movie and It kind of fits, because in the latest asdf movies I find the "I Like Trains" part was the best. Even though the animations are only black & white they are still as good as they were in the asdf movies. The audio is of course very nice. The song is not only good because of the music. It's good because you can at least understand the lyrics.

And The Rumor Is True.. The Train Wheels Are Going Backwards


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One Of The Best Games Made From Evil-Dog

But still Punk-O-Matic 2 tops them all, but on to the review.
I like the Tamagochi idea, very creative to put a little twists and turns in there and a decent story. The zombies are animated very good and seem very much real-life-ish. My negative stuff to say is that the mood/hunger/etc. and Research Points go up waaay too slowly, so if anyone wants to complete this game he must have loads of free time on his hands, and that's a wonder cause nowadays free time is luxury.

But All & All Great Game


Evil-Dog responds:

But if games become just quick play throughs it's kinda boring..you don't have to play it all in one shot

Nice And Creative Game, But Hard

It's actually a nice idea for a puzzle game. I couldn't have come up with a better one myself. Music is a bit too sad for me cause there is nothing sad about or in the game. It's very hard and you probably have to play a level for like 10 times or more to finally understand what to do.

1 Fault: It really lacks instructions they are not even in the description witch makes you hopelessly press all the buttons on your keyboard until you find the right one. So for the next game: PLEASE INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONS!

Good Game but has it's downs.


Yay! More blue elephants!

This game is similar to "This Is The Only Level", only with LOADS of Badges and LOADS of Achievements. Also, for this game, the motto is: Think outside the box. It really helps. And, I agree with Tribal, this game DOES require a save button, for when someone just shuts your PC down, or you have to go somewhere. And another thing that's cool is: When you have all the badges, they resemble the picture of a African Elephant. Very cool.

I would say the people who would like this, have to have a bit of time on their hands, or it works if your just bored.

Another awsome game from jmtb02! :)


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Thanks For The Download!

Pretty sweet even though I've heard a bit through your SoundCloud. But a free download is pretty sweet. Thanks! On to the review:

Melody 10/10 : Very creative and complex, you kind of get this japanise animie feeling to it (I don't watch em' though). Nice and builds itself up very nicely to.

Drop: 8/10: It's great and all, but you overused this "Uh" sample a bit too much and it kind of gets on your nerves later in the song. And also the drop also gets a bit repetitive to me and your at some point just a bit tired of hearing it. But still, it kicks ass.

Beat 10/10: Very nice dubstep beat, keeps your head bobbing for quite a while, and it sounds very loud and nice and clear and for me it just sounds so clean too.

Thoughts: It kind of reminds me of you and some other people running through a crowded city aimlessly and blindfolded hoping to get to the end in one piece for the 1 Mio. $$$. And not getting hit by a car or a sign or something, Blood fills the streets and you were thankfully the only one who could make it through the intense speedrun.

Final Comment: Overall Kick Ass Song But Can Get A Bit Repetitive. 9/10


TheBiocide responds:

Thanks for that lengthy review, man! :) I couldn't agree more with what you've said.

Glad you're still digging the tunes and I hope to hear more from you in the future! My apologies for such a short response, but I'm a bit busy at the moment... I shouldn't really even be responding to this right now... Hahahaha

Daft Punk....Yeah

Sounds very much like Daft Punk style a HouseDubstepElectro song (HDE) with interesting beats and combos to it. The kicks on this one could have been better a not that typical kick beat would have fitted more into this song. The bass this time is not so epic. But very interesting and that's what kept me hooked onto the song.

It reminds me of top secret agency stuff like James Bond and top secret missions and all that. And it also reminds me of the groundbreaking technology we have today or at least some cool inventions in my head (For Ex: Holograms, TRON Bikes, Super Suits and Hover Boots)
You get pretty nice little films in your head with this song. :-)

Great, Creative & Interesting But Could Have Used A Bit More Finer Things To Become A "Perfect" Song (Does Not Mean It Has To Always Be That Way, Just An Opinion)


TheBiocide responds:

Fair enough, man! That was a really thorough review; my favorite, kind ;) I'd like to write you an equally-thorough response, but sometimes the words just don't come... Hahaha, all I can say really, is just the usual "thanks". I really do appreciate it, man!

Smolder...Cool Name :D

It's nice that every song from you is different no song sounds too alike. The kicks are nice and crispy and have some nice oompfh so you did good on that one.
Great FX on this one too. The bass is like on every track of yours the one that takes the cake. Great, not too normal and creative. It's actually quite nice that your Dubstep sounds different then other great Dubstep artists (Ex: xKore Skrillex etc.)

This song's mood is also pretty interesting the wobble bass at the beginning drifts into this melancholy feeling with the whole distortion and so on. But then it starts to sound more and more like a fighting theme that would fit to a hectic Call Of Duty game or something. And when the bass drops it kind of reminds me of an epic fight. It also kind of gives me courage.

Cool Track My Man Keep Up Skrillex II :D


TheBiocide responds:

Thanks man! That was an awesome review. I love it when people break down my tracks like that. It gives really interesting insight on what I'm doing right and wrong.

Thanks again. Much love <3

This is my second account what is based on my Dualschock account. Here I upload audio and on the other one I upload flash. I'm just trying to fulfill my dream of a becoming a famous musician one day.

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