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Status Update:

2011-10-29 14:11:55 by DualschockReject

Hello again! (after a very long time) and welcome to my second status update. Okay.

My first submission "Dr. Kruger's Diary" is finally submitted! I've waited for over a month to let that see the light of day on Newgrounds. The next track is already in the making, the track is about classic and techno/house if they could ever be good friends. The good news is now in Germany it's Holidays!! Yaaay! and that means more time to work on my new tracks so the next one should be uploaded soon.

Now I Will Give You Some Links: (cause that's what I wanted to tell you about)

First Account: Clickey Here: -----> Dualschock (Account #1) <------

Twitter: Clickey Here: -----> Twitter Page <-----

ROBLOX Account: Clickey Here: ----> ROBLOX Page <--------

SoundCloud Link: Clickey Here: ------> SoundCloud Profile <------

I will surely make more pages in the future so keep your eyes peeled!

Until Then, Peace Out!


Status Update:

Hello again, Newgrounds! This is my second account I made from my Dualschock account. My other one got banned from submitting to the audio portal, and I deeply apologize for that to Newgrounds, so I big hit on the face for me. Anyway, Dualschock is where I will upload all my flash shit, and here I will submit Audio. I hope you will like the songs, or at least ENJOY them. I'm very new to FL, so I'm trying to make the best out of every project.

See ya,

Sooo... this is the new acount